Amateur Boxing

Amateur Boxing

Though many people join this class with an open mind about whether or not they wish to compete as an amateur boxer or to just use it as a fitness class, amateur boxing classes are for people with an interest in performing as an amateur boxer. The classes not only improve fitness and boxing skills but also can have a dramatic affect on the confidence of participants. Here at Spit n Sawdust we are constantly seeing lives transformed by Amatuer boxing classes. Amatuer boxing is as much about giving people focus as it is giving them the skills to compete. This often results in dramatic changes in peoples lives away from the club

under 12’s Tue & Thu at 5pm – 6pm

under 15’s Tue & Thu at 6pm – 7.30pm

over 15’s Tue & Thu at 7.30 – 9pm

all ages Sat 11am -12.30pm

Class held by –┬áDave Earle, Ed Billsdon, Jamie Johnson & Dave Green